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December 1995


Editorial: Reviewing the Adventist Review

Our church paper changes to meet the times.


Targeting your audience

Ten principles to help you discover and reach an audience

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Worldview and mission

Suggestions for a mission theology

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Facing frustrations

How to overcome the vacuum in your ministry

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The Trails-European Division world ministers' council: a Hungarian rhapsody

Ministry and the truth as it is in Jesus

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Breaking the barriers of bigotry

An award-winning sermon in the 1994 Talent Search in narrative/expository preaching

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Importance of our worldview

Our Adventist worldview is biblical rather than theistic with profound implications for the life of the church.

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When culture doesn't count

An appeal for Seventh-day Adventists to retain a biblical perspective

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Editor holds evangelistic series in Pusan, Korea

Will Eva, the newly appointed editor of Ministry Magazine, on his experiences in Korea.

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Dateline: Ministry Reports

VOP targets 50,000




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