Editor holds evangelistic series in Pusan, Korea

Will Eva, the newly appointed editor of Ministry Magazine, on his experiences in Korea.

James A. Cress is the General Conference Ministerial Association Secretary.

"Being the featured speaker for a 10 meeting evangelistic series (October 20-28) among the people of Pusan, Korea was one of the most significant experiences of my life," says Will Eva, our newly appointed editor of Ministry magazine.

Pusan is an amazing city. Second to Seoul in size, it gathers around a cluster of impressive coastal mountains and seems to cascade down around them to the Sea of Japan. The city appears to pause only briefly at a gathering of scrambling harbors, before it pours on out to the world.

Here there is a fabulous mix of vibrant people, full of respect, gracious tradition, progressiveness and well-orchestrated industry. Along with these qualities comes an exquisite blend of gently expressed emotion and responsiveness along with cultured hospitality.

Pusan is a city full of Buddhists, Christians, and all kinds of others. The Seventh-day Adventist presence is significant in the city where Pusan Adventist Hospital has been established for 44 years and the Adventist English Language school still flourishes.

Will spoke to a packed Pusan Central Church each evening. Members and nonmembers alike were eager to enter in with a high degree of commitment to what was being done, despite the English that was expertly translated into Korean during each sermon.

On the closing afternoon, 25 were baptized (many of these young people), with the promise of a number of others to come.

Dr. Eva says, "After this experience I have a profound sense of gratitude and renewed commitment to our Lord and to all the people in Pusan, particularly those in the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church there." --James A. Cress, Ministerial Association Secretary

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James A. Cress is the General Conference Ministerial Association Secretary.

December 1995

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