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August 1996


Editorial: How am I doing?

A suggested evaluative support plan for pastors


The Voice of Prophecy's golden anniversary in the Philippines

Strategies for large-scale, evangelistic outreach

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A day for the pastor

Not a day off, but a day to develop the lost art of spiritual renewal

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What do your ethics show?

Pastoral integrity is fundamental.

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From awards to academics: women at the seminary

Women at the seminary

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Annihilation or endless torment?

The debate within evangelical circles moves closer to the biblical teaching.

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Boring board meetings?

Remove the boredom and increase the efficiency.

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The crisis of depression

A pastor's compassionate and proactive intervention can be an important part in ministering to the depressed.

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Ministerial evaluation: pitfalls and opportunities

Evaluation must pave the way for making leaders informed and relevant.

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