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November 1996


Editorial: Are you ready to quit?

The Lord God is your hiding place! Jesus will not allow the evil one to destroy the good work He has begun in you.


A practical theology of ordination

An interpretive model of ordination from the New Testament data.

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A cry from the valley of death

A young man talks frankly about what it means to experience the agonies of homosexuality and AIDS

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Christians and the homosexual

What do real Christians do when confronted with a spiritually fallen world?

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Ten commandments for improving pastoral marriage counseling

Useful techniques for marriage counseling

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Do you pray for gays?

When the prayer ended, tears welled up and overflowed. Softly he said, "No one ever did that for me before."

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Homosexuality: establishing a Christian backdrop for pastoral care

What are some of the issues underlying care for the homosexual in your congregation?

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A homosexual in my congregation?

How should a church extend its ministry to the homosexual in its midst?

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Compassion---an alternative lifestyle

A candid view of homosexuality suggesting courageous ways of pastoring homosexual people.

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Without a smile

The image of Chelsey Thomas was enough to demand my attention, though I had intended only to browse the headlines on the evening news. She was only 8 years old. At first glance she seemed rather ordinary. Ordinary, that is, until she tried to smile. Chelsey was born without the muscles that make that simple facial gesture possible.

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