600 Minutes With God

A new devotional for men

Dick Duerksen, creative ministries director, Columbia Union Conference, Columbia, Maryland.

Each day men experience the personal presence of God. Each of those experiences offers new insights into the God who touches our lives in such intimate and explosive ways. No, "the Lion of Judah is not a tame lion," but He stands eager to teach us to protect as He protects and love as He loves.

The idea for this book of devotions for men first began stirring in front of the platform at a Promise Keepers' rally in Boulder, Colorado. Kneeling on my right, a giant pastor from Tennessee energetically described how God's goodness was transforming his life and ministry. On my left a diminutive Navajo pastor from Albuquerque, New Mexico, softly shared awesome miracles of grace. Around us 2,000 others were sharing tales of grace, stories that were uniquely male, stories that offered new possibilities of hope to the men who listened.

That Saturday night I began collecting "pictures of grace," personal reports of how God is stirring Himself into the lives of individual men. Bankers, accountants, lawyers, pastors, truck drivers, army officers, missionaries, marathon runners, and others have added some of their most meaningful (and most terrifying) moments to this collection. Some of the stories are funny; others are heart-wrenching. Each is thought-provoking, challenging us to reconsider God's character.

This devotional book, 600 Minutes With God, includes 200 "memories of grace," each designed to give you a new focus on life. Here you will meet Marvin the marathon runner (exhausted) and his awesome support team. You will catch squealing pigs along with Grenville, take a Finnish sauna with Bill, and avoid La Dolce Vita.

Each writer uses a Bible passage and a story to describe an insight that has helped his picture of God become clearer. Some retell great stories that have helped them understand God's character. Like what caused Edison's garden gate to squeak. Or why Admiral Phipps lost the battle of Quebec, why penguins fall on their backs in Antarctica, and where to go to "rent a family." Others share moments of deep personal trauma and insight. Dan describes how he learned that sex begins before 7:00 p.m. Bill remembers the day he dropped a Playboy right in front of a church member. Steve cringes at his response when attacked by a "tonga-walla." And that's just three of the 200!

God's greatest pleasure is in sharing personal, overwhelming, transforming grace. You'll find Him here, speaking directly to you. Challenging changes in your life. Offering incredible hope.

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Dick Duerksen, creative ministries director, Columbia Union Conference, Columbia, Maryland.

January 1997

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