Blood Brothers

On the family feud between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

The three great monotheistic religions of the world Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have grown from a common ancestral tree but have become entangled in a seemingly irreconcilable blood feud. The author traces this family feud of the children of Abraham to their father's household, and explores what lies at the root of the continuing turmoil tearing the Middle East apart.

Blood Brothers leads the reader to explore the common heritage that binds these people and their religions together. It also endeavors to explain how that important region of the world, so integral to biblical history, fits into biblical prophecy.

Seventh-day Adventists have special advantages in reaching the Muslims and Jews scattered in different parts of the world. This book compares similarities in beliefs while pointing to the true Seed of Abraham, Jesus Christ, as the only hope for Abraham's descendants.

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November 1997

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