Feeling Fit

A book of true stories of people who turned their health around.

Internationally known health educator Aileen Ludington, M.D., is the author of Feeling Fit, a book of true stories of people who turned their health around. Most of us can identify with the real people in these case studies. Even though riddled with disease, arthritis, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases, they were determined to turn their health around. The results were miraculous!

The stories in this book are about people who, under the guidance of qualified health professionals, made lifestyle and medication changes. They tell how they prevented even reversed killer diseases, lost weight, kicked bad habits, reduced or discarded medications, beat fatigue and pain, and began living the best years of their lives.

In the back of the book, there is a fourpart appendices about lifestyles, diets, practical tips for success, and a list of health resources of current books, magazines, and live-in education centers.

Feeling Fit can happen to you! These inspiring stories show you how.

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November 1997

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