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April 1998


Editorial: Take a dose of disillusionment

To be disillusioned is a positive experience. It is! Although the experience is usually seen as a negative one, nobody would claim that living under an illusion is beneficial.


Is your church senior-sensitive?

Age sensitiveness and responsive care of mature age groups in the church

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Preach Christ!

If there was only one sermon to preach...

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Proclaiming the message fearlessly

Faithfully presenting the controversial aspects of Adventism

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Waiting for the right moment

Wisely presenting the controversial aspects of Adventism

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Growing churches is like growing trees

Principles of church growth drawn from the natural world

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When children are grieving

Ministry to children in grief

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Small groups in evangelism

Small group ministries along with evangelism can create more lasting results and more mature disciples

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Salvation pilgrimage

The Adventist journey into justification by faith and Trinitarianism

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