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September 1998


Editorial: Visioning: Secular and spiritual

One of the most crippling incapacities to strike the leader of any group or organization is the loss of a clear sense of vision.


Interview: Projecting the impact of NET '98

Interview: Alfred C. McClure and Dwight K. Nelson


Viewpoint: The application of cosmic signs in the Adventist tradition

Can we continue to feature events from the distant past as signs of Christ's return?

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The challenge and reward of prison ministry

Pastoral insight gained while working with prison inmates

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The introvert's guide to networking

How the less gregarious among us can enhance our leadership

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The Jesuits and the reformers

The heart of the difference between pre- and post-reformation soteriology

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Ministry in the new millennium

What should Christian ministers concentrate on as they face the future of the church?

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The chicken and the river

New Ministry column featuring the ups and downs of everyday pastoring

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Failure: Getting through the inevitable

Relating constructively to our failures in ministry

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