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October 1998


Editorial: Embracing the role of pastoral theology

These days, theology is done in the church on a number of fronts.


Interview: Christians and Jews: Mission impossible?

Understanding the Jewish heart


A diversified church comes of age

A church, purposely made of all kinds of people, learns and grows into maturity

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A strategy for pastoral renewal

Importance of continuing education: skills for survival

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Thirty-five ways pastors can support their school

Suggestions for enhancing the ministry of the pastor in Christian education

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The scapegoat

A careful look at the Adventist position on Azazel

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Motivational leadership

Motivation in local church leadership

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Global Seminar 2000 in Peru

Wholistic television evangelism involving local church members

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The need to forgive and be forgiven

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Born again: A Jewish concept

Sharing the gospel with Jewish people

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