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November 1998


Editorial: Hear the call again

How are you feeling about your ministry?


Interview: Marketplace preaching: Interview with Calvin Miller

A highly respected preacher talks about reaching people where they are


Viewpoint: Legislating morality: How far do we go?

Lessons from the past on Adventist involvement in moral and social issues


Courageously practicing visionary spiritual leadership

Four pillars of effective local church leadership


Preventing clergy burnout

Thirty-seven practical suggestions for easing life in ministry


"First, you must do no harm"

An essential secret for effective ministry


How do we measure "measuring up"?

How is a successful church accurately measured?


One man's search for joy: The conversion of C. S. Lewis

An inspiring account of the life quest of Jack Lewis


Be sure to leave your light on!

A call to intentionally mentor a new generation of Christian leaders




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