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August 1999


Editorial: Evangelism in pluralistic culture

As never before, we are living in a multiple-choice era.


The prophets are human too!

A careful look at the impact of the humanity of the prophets on their ministry


Year 2000: Millennial Mayhem or Ministry

Constructively capitalizing on the public interest in the turn of the new millennium


Spirits in prison

Interpreting a difficult passage


Adventist youth in non-sda high schools

Designing a ministry for SDA young people attending secular schools


Understanding Inspiration: The symphonic and wholistic nature of Scripture

A comprehensive view of the relationship of inspiration to the Bible's authority


Can disparate generations coexist in the church?

Bringing the generations together in local church programming


Refocusing the adventist health message

Giving a critical and meaningful part of Adventism an updated emphasis




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