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January 2001


Editorial: New designs

New plans for Ministry are on the production line and beyond. The first and most obvious innovation is a new look for the magazine, inaugurated in this issue.


Interview: Feedback and evaluation: Key to relevant biblical preaching

Using congregational feedback to improve preaching


Turning scars into stars: How a small Chinese church discovered its purpose

The amazing story of a congregation that placed human need above corporate respectability

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Reflections on a pastoral visit

Dynamics that create effective pastoral visitation

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Conviction and truth in Adventist education

The need for maintaining faithfulness to conviction and responsiveness to burgeoning truth

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Pitfalls of ministry

Three enemies of authentic ministry: Overprofessionalization, petrification, and pessimism

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Preaching as an instrument of transformation

Capitalizing on the interaction of the spoken word and the congregation to make preaching effective

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The church and volunteerism

Motivating, organizing, and properly utilizing volunteers in the church

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Growing a healthy church

Eight tried factors that will transform a church into a growing congregation

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How do we get them to listen?

What preachers may do to inspire better attention among their hearers

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