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February 2001


Editorial: The value of Viewpoint

Viewpoint articles are designed to stimulate thought and do not necessarily reflect the position of our editorial staff or of Ministry." This statement has appeared on the title page of Viewpoint articles, which are published intermittently in Ministry. Such a declaration may appear to be a mere disclaimer, when in fact it is an honest expression of the nature of certain opinions that appear in Ministry and how they relate to what the magazine and the Seventh-day Adventist Church in fact stands for.


Hallelujah anyway?

Tracing God's healing involvement in every circumstance.

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Promised a miracle?

Sorting out the interaction of day-to-day human intervention with miraculous, divine intervention.

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How can the church grow?

Applying four New Testament growth principles in the church.

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Chaos and chronos: The integration of disorder and order

The dynamic, positive role of negative forces in human experience.

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How to move into a church plant without killing it

four key questions for the "instant parent" of an orphaned "church plant."

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The pastor's Sabbath School class

Creating an effective, productive pastor's class.

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A tale of two preachers

Embracing the varying gifts and emphases of one another in ministry

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Don't hang it up

Staying the course and maintaining the vision, especially in difficult times (a sermon)

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Twenty-seven fundamentals in search of a theology

The need for a less fragmented and more integrated expression of Seventh-day Adventist belief

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