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June 2001


Editorial: The timeless gospel

Only in the God of love do "we live, and move, and have our being" (Acts 17:28)


The unlikeliest missionary

An inspiring and instructive account of the role of genuine friendship in opening hearts to the gospel.

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Why should we plant churches in the city?

The how and why of meeting the evangelistic challenge of today's great cities.

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Public evangelism still works (part 2)

Approaches that have made for highly successful public evangelism outreach.

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Reaching the unchurched

The causes for the present estrangement from the church and how to overcome it.

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Pastor-led public evangelism

The average pastor and ongoing evangelism in the local church.

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Reaching the cities

The role of the person-to-person approach in large-city public evangelism.

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Gone fishing

An enlightening and inspiring comparison between fishing and evangelism.

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Secularism: Then and now

How the gospel spoke to secular people in the first century and may do so now.

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