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July 2001


Editorial: Word power

We all remember the childish chant, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me!


Ministerial mendacity

An assessment of pastoral integrity from the pew.

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I have learned

After fifty years: Valuable pastoral insights.

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Putting the Word back in worship

Simple techniques that help make the Bible come alive in worship.

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Elderly parishioners at risk

Raising pastoral consciousness about the elderly.

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I doubt I should tell you this . . .

A pastor deals with his inner fears.

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The shout

Proclaiming the gospel regardless.

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Pastoring on the postmodern frontline (part 1)

Understanding postmodern ways of thinking and feeling.

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The witness of preaching

An interview with Dr. Thomas G. Long.

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Dealing with difficult people

Pastoral attitudes and approaches to challenging parishioners.

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