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September 2001


Editorial: Christian ecology

There's a strange, almost collective reserve among Christians ("conservatives" especially) when it comes to championing the health of God's creation, particularly that of earth itself and its collective environment.


The lonely pastor

Loneliness in ministry and how it can be eased.

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The case for creationism: Fifty scientists speak out

Contemporary scientific views that expose the inadequacies of Darwinian evolution.

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Pastoring the postmodern frontline (part 2)

Attitudes and approaches to the postmodern mind.

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Dealing with criticism

Helpful principles when facing critical people.

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The rapture: The blessed hope, Jesus, and Paul

The apostolic church lived in expectation of Christ's return in glory and power.

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The rapture: A pastor's concern

Ministers of the gospel, whatever their denomination, may eventually have to take a position on this controversial issue. Why?

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The rapture: Why it cannot occur before the Second Coming

The date is a day in the near future. The place, a Boeing 747 over the Atlantic on its way to London Heathrow. Most passengers are sleeping or dozing. Suddenly almost half the passengers disappear into thin air.

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