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October 2001


Editorial: The essential component of unity: Personal integrity

When giving his retirement speech, the prophet Samuel asked the people if he had ever oppressed, cheated, stolen from, or even subtly taken a bribe from any one.


Strategic use of tithe: How does the Seventh-day Adventist Church fare? (part 2)

Few decisions the Adventist Church has made have had a larger impact on the growth of the Church than the decision to gather tithe in a central location.

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Evolving Adventist theological education (part 2)

Infield supervision, mentoring, and InMinistry.

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Relating to Muslims: An Adventist view

Essential attitudes, outlooks, and ways of approaching Muslim people.

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Galatia's gospel perversions (part 1): Are they still with us?

The issues underlying Paul's Galatian challenge are still with us.

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Lord, teach us to preach!

The bottom-line essentials in preaching.

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The challenge is not merely to adjust to major societial changes, but to maintain the authentic biblical message as we do so.

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Looking back and moving forward

While it is crucial to look back and learn, this must not prevent the progressive forward movement of the Church.

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