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November 2001


Editorial: Thinking in stereo

Sometimes I just want to go back to the bush! By "the bush" I mean the wilderness of Africa, where I was born.


SEEDS - they're growing!

A report on church planting and a recent SEEDS conference.

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Preaching with certainty here and now

Preaching courageously in today's church.

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A tension that's good for corporate health

Promoting the natural tensions between local and worldwide church needs.

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Church fights and the "third voice" middle

Encouraging the voice of the less vocal center in conflict situations.

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Missions across cultures

The challenge to understand and reach disparate cultures.

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Helping your church through 10/40 window emphasis!

Inspiring renewed interest in real missions.

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Incarnational ministry

Entering into the life or context of those to whom we minister.

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Serious about secular society?

Viable Christian witness in the secularized West.

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Missions global and at home

Keeping the delicate balance.

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Who's to blame?

Reflections on recent tragic events

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