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December 2001


Editorial: Giving that doesn't get even

It's that time again the season of festivity our parishioners look forward to with great expectation.


Visiting our members: A lost art?

The need and advantages of well-planned member visitation.

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Improved ministry for the deaf

Building a more responsive ministry among the deaf.

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The secular campus: Today's Macedonian call

Chaplaincy on the secular campus offers the most fertile ground for evangelism and nurture.

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The personal touch of hospital visitation

Practical approaches to patients in hospitals.

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Why liberals and conservatives have difficulty talking to each other

An insightful view into a common problem and how it may be addressed.

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Galatia's perverted gospel (part 2)

Exposing the Galatian's confused gospel and its relevance to Christians today.

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The Nebuchadnezzar narratives

Effective principles of leadership from Daniel's situation.

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Being mirrors in the parsonage

How pastors and their spouses may support each other in ministry.

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