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January 2002


Editorial: Holy wars?

Most Western Christians find it difficult to see the present conflict between America and her allies and certain radical religious fundamentalist groups as a religious war.


Affirmation: Crippling or healing?

Making the art of affirmation honest and effective.

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Where is the church going?

Five things the church needs to do to make a difference in today's world.

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Recovery and pastoral ministry

Finding healing from addiction

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Preaching with freedom (part 1)

The case for preaching without notes.

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Making church worship reflective of its transcendent Center.

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Preaching Christian doctrine

Interview: The value of and approach to exposing biblical doctrine in the pulpit.

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Why Christianity lite is less filling

The need for more serious, substantive faith and worship in our churches.

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Pastoral pressure points: Breaking the worry habit

Understanding the reasons for worry and anxiety and how to deal with them.

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