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April 2002


Editorial: Relating to ministers of other denominations

There are two and a half times as many clergy of other denominations receiving Ministry as there are Seventh-day Adventists


The Tower of Babel and the three angels' messages

Meanings behind the Tower of Babel and how they relate to contemporary diversity challenges and the spread of the gospel.

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Ministry on the secular campus

Developing a dynamic ministry on the secular university campus.

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Using drama in Christian ministry

Some guiding principles behind the use of drama in worship.

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Inspiring evangelistic enthusiasm

What discourages and what creates an eagerness to evangelize?

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The "valley of the shadow of death"

Faith thinking aloud about facing death and dying.

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Eden and the Israelite sanctuary

Part 2 of a study showing the links between the creation of the world and of the wilderness sanctuary.

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Another look at Babylon

A thought-provoking historical review of the question of Seventh-day Adventists and the attitudes and relationships to other Christians.

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