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May 2002


Editorial: Making faith and freedom one


Should we be postmodern to minister to postmoderns?

An interpretative reflection on the approach of the pastor to postmodern people.

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Ordination in the New Testament?

A perceptive view of biblical ordination.

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Positive ways to deal with criticism

Understanding and dealing constructively with negative criticism.

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The courage to face our fears

Pastoral pressure points: Part 3 in a six-part series

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Preaching with power

The role of clarity and simplicity in preaching

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Overcoming the Superman syndrome

How the pastor meets human needs without neglecting his own.

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Deciding between dialogue and debate

Alternative approaches to processing the differences that arise between people.

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The impact of the Cross on human pain and anguish.

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What matters more: Container or content?

The comparative value of what is proclaimed versus who proclaims it.

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