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June 2002


Editorial: Qualities of a dying generation

I was in the United Kingdom in March 2002, when the Queen Mother died at 101.


The use and abuse of authority

What leaders can learn from the struggles of the 1901 Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Pastoral witness

Four essentials that bring pastoral witness to life.

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Read or trivialize

A call to the minister to be well read in high quality literature.

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The gospel commission has another side

Reaching the down and out is a crucial aspect of ministry outreach.

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Youth apostasy and recovery

Understanding and reaching out to young people estranged from the church.

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Finding a faith-based optimism

The value of a Chnstocentric optimism to life and pastoral ministry.

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The unchurched: A rich source for Adventist outreach

Initiating a more informed and intentional outreach to a population increasingly unaware of the Church.

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