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August 2002


Editorial: Conscience

It's out of fashion these days to talk about "conscience," at least in its traditional role as an authoritative inner moral voice. At one time, the voice of conscience was virtually equated with the voice of God.


Pastor's Pastor: Wanna kill your church?

Recently we attended a meeting that refused to end. The sermon had concluded. Choirs had sung. Prayers, praise, and promotions were exhausted and two offerings had been taken.

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Jesus' subversive sayings

A stimulating look at the enigmatic nature of our Lord and His teaching.

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Lifestyle standards: A middle approach

Well-balanced perspectives on a potentially divisive issue.

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A dispensationalist calculation error

New approaches and discoveries expose further problems with the dispensationalist position.

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Delivering the message

An inspiring reflection on the heart of the pastoral call.

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Seminary and local church: Building a viable relationship?

Specific ways of improving pastoral education

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Using decision cards effectively in worship services

Increasing the decision-making effectiveness of calls in the weekly worship hour.

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9/11/2002: Preaching to anxious times

How a pastor can be more effective in addressing heightened anxiety in the congregation.

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