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September 2002


Editorial: Of theologians and prophets

The other day I was confronted by a provocative thought.


Pastoral care: The Holy Spirit and the human spirit

The spiritual and personal side of pastoral care.

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A perfect leader doesn't exist

Characteristics that make a leader effective.

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Conflict can be healthy for a church

Biblical models for constructive conflict management.

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In the name of God? Pastoral responses to religious terrorism

How religious leaders can abuse the people they serve.

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Spiritual leadership or baptized secularism?

Principles for leading churches from a spiritual base.

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The perils of pursuing success

Pastoral pressure points, part 5

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Pastoral Counseling: The art of referral

Principles the pastor may consider when counseling.

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African-American worship: Its heritage, character, and quality

A dynamic worship legacy from which everyone may benefit.

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