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October 2002


Editorial: What Heaven sees on the news

Though wearing an expensive dark business suit, the company executive was not on his way to the office.


GraceLink: Linking children with Christ

A dynamic new Sabbath School curriculum to reach children of all ages.

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Adventist Identity in a changing world

How the SDA Church may handle the pressure to redefine itself in a world that's continuing longer than expected.

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Mavericks on the payroll?

How the established church views and deals with those who are controversially innovative.

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Church discipline the redemptive way

The challenge to care enough to administer redemptive church discipline.

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The enigma of "unanswered" prayer

A thoughtful look at how we may know and understand how God hears our prayers.

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Living It. That's what It's all about!

A challenge from the president of the General Conference to actually live our faith.

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