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November 2002


Editorial: Embracing the whole

For the last 25 years or so, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been tussling over "righteousness by faith."


Sharpening our ministry to children

Looking at ways to enrich the way we communicate with children in our congregations.

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Jesus in junior Sabbath School: What would He do?

How we may enhance our contact with children in Sabbath School.

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Making children feel welcome

How we can make children feel more at home in church.

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What are we teaching our children?

A focused look at the objectives and content of children's ministries.

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Pastor, you tell the story

Why the pastor needs to tell the worship hour children's story.

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Bonding our children to Christ

How we may win and hold the hearts of children.

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Unmasking male depression

The last of a one-year series dealing with pastoral pressure points.

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Start by learning their names . . .

What knowing a name can do to open the way for further ministry.

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