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February 2005


Editorial: Taking back the rich to personal peace

Lessons about forgiveness taken from the Joseph story.


Pastor's Pastor: How do you spell relief?

How you as a pastor can help people going through hard times.

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Attempts to reach our youth

Crucial pastoral principles in relating to young people

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The Adventist "pioneer" theological heritage: Implications for faith, preaching and teaching

Applying Adventist history and heritage to present Church directions and discussions

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Presenting evolution and Creation: How? (Part 1)

In dialogue with non-Creationists; indispensable attitudes and approaches

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The choice: assumption or assurance?

A provocative review of kingpin faith/science issues from a Creationist viewpoint

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Did the Apostolic Council set aside the Sabbath? (Part 1)

A penetrating review of a long-standing issue

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Too far or not far enough: reaching out to Muslim people

Thoughtful approaches to Muslims and people of other non-Christian faiths.

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