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June 2005


Editorial: It's not the sermon...

Through the preaching of Frank Gonzalez, at a recent General Conference week of prayer, the Spirit touched our souls, mine included This is not something that happens automatically, of course, especially among groups of people who have been hearing so much from so many for so long!


Center for Women Clergy opens at Andrews University

News feature


Sexual promiscuity and ministerial accountability

A proposal suggesting consistent ways of dealing with pastoral sexual misconduct


Adventist world church brings hope for big cities

A report on the Church's plans for big-city outreach worldwide


Pastors and sexual misconduct: A response to Miroslav Kis

A response to Miroslav Kis's eight-part series on pastoral misconduct


Modern versus postmodern Adventism: The ultimate divide?

How has the postmodern paradigm affected Adventist thought, belief, and worldview?


"In the beginning God...": A historical review of the creation debate among Seventh-day Adventists

A big-picture historical review of the creation-evolution dialogue among Seventh-day Adventists in recent years


Tending our own spiritual fires

Formative thoughts on nurturing personal spirituality as a leader




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