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December 2005


Editorial: Stop and Count

The last month of the year may be a good time to take inventory, not of the furniture, hymn books, computers and other items, but a different type of inventory an evaluation of what is important in our lives.


Faithful fathering: the father's role in a Christian home

Mark figured out early in life that to become a discipler, he must first be a disciple.

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The weapons of our warfare

We're in a war. Never forget it.

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My personal classics: twenty-one books I wouldn't want to be without

It's not the copyright date that sets the value; it's the content that counts.

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Leading without fear

A leader who leads in the primacy of the law of love assumes a role of serving.

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The scapegoat and the law of malicious witness

A new look at a challenging passage.

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"The greatest of these is love"

Evangelism makes little sense without the principle of Christ's unifying love as its bottom line

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Intelligent design: is it a useful concept?

Is nature purposefully designed or is it the result of purely natural forces. Let's find out.

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The challenge and future of urban ministry: The case of White Memorial Church

A story of how one church was transformed from an institutional church to an urban parish. And what that meant for the community.

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God's blueprint--a secure, loving universe

Clarifying the purpose of the gospel

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