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April 2006


Editorial: The ultimate reference point

If markers and reference points are so vital in mundane aspects of life, how much more in those areas that affect our eternal destiny.


Christian education: it's role in the gospel commission

Church school teachers plant seeds of biblical principles within their students that are nurtured throughout their lifetimes.


Hands and hearts touching--the work of a missionary

Our world still needs missionaries with a compassionate, pastoral touch.


Preaching with a translator

A coordinated effort between the preacher and the translator produces powerful results.


God's mighty acts in a changing world (Part 2 of 2)

Nine theologically based changes to traditional Adventist outreach in the face of the challenges of postmodernism.


Unison, harmony, or cacophony: How much pluralism can a church tolerate?

Can theological diversity and harmony coexist?


Pastoral fatigue--you can live with it

Exhaustion is a universal fact of life for pastors. How does the pastor cope with this potential ministry-crippler?


God's anointing for unity

God wishes to model the unity that exists within the Godhead in His church on earth.




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