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December 2006


Editorial: A walk through God's garden

What does God see in this "garden of ministers?"


Interview: Called to preach: an interview with E. E. Cleveland and Benjamin Reaves

Two great preachers discuss the importance of preaching, preparation for preaching, and making an appeal at the end of the sermon.


The phenomenon of energy exchange

What is it? And how does it apply to church life and, more importantly, church growth?

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Ten commandments for pastors

Lessons from the life and ministry of Moses, particularly applicable to pastors today.

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Effective committee meetings: a guide for congregations

A "must read" primer in leadership and administration, especially for pastors who are starting ministry.

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Overcoming ministry mediocrity: three steps to a wholesome ministry

Pastors, like athletes, occasionally find themselves in a rut. Here are some suggestions to get out of that rut and recover a vibrant ministry.

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Reflections on prayer

Since "prayer brings balance," as this author states, the end of 2006 is a good time for personal assessment.

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Prayer: a theological reflection

What does prayer teach me about God? About myself? What do my prayers reveal to the watching universe?

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