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January 2007


Editorial: Make the list very short

We often start a new year with many goals. We may have promised that the things we did not accomplish in the previous year, we will do in the next year. Somehow it just seems a good time to make a list of goals as we anticipate a fresh start.


Silent Sermons

For most people, speech becomes a very important component of life. Most of the time, when we as human beings communicate, we do it verbally. The crucial role that spoken and written words play in interpersonal relations should never be underestimated.


Belonging before believing: reaching out to the emerging culture

In college I spent two summers working as a Bible worker for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in central California. I was working in the area south of San Francisco known as the Silicon Valley.


Israel in biblical prophecy

What is the role of Israel in biblical prophecy? The question assumes urgency in view of continuous presentation in some circles that the present-day state of Israel has a definite role defined in prophecy.


Cancer and faith

Cancer ranks among the most dreaded of all diseases. In the United States alone, 1.3 million new cases are diagnosed each year, with 8,000 of them being children.


Living in a diverse church: a case study

The composition of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has changed drastically in recent decades.


On Spending Time in the Word

Most of us dread being told to do what we know perfectly well we should do, but for which we simply cannot find the heart, the will, and, yes, that dirty word, the discipline-but mainly, I think, the heart, and perhaps the hope that something good really might come of something that for too long seems not to have lived up to all that has been promised for it.


Book Review: When Johnny/Joanie Comes Marching Home

Extended separation from family by a military spouse can either strengthen or negatively impact marriage and family relationships. Prior to the Persian Gulf War, the armed forces seldom addressed the impact of deployments, combat, and reunions on families.




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