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March 2007


Editorial: Leaders with authority

What kind of authority do clergy possess?


Should the Christian mission focus on salvation or society?

Social action and evangelism go hand in hand. But how do we strike a balance between the "now" and the "not yet"?


Old and new: continuity and discontinuity in God's everlasting covenant

Does a new covenant signify a new gospel or a new way of salvation?


Hope for a lost world: a study of Romans 5:12-21

Two powers are engaged in mortal combat with each other for humanity. Who will win? The choice is yours.


Alcohol dependency: what pastors should know

We are bombarded with reports that moderate drinking is beneficial. What does that mean? A physician shares with us a more complete picture and the complexity of alcoholism in the first article of a two-part series.


Living with the other

If John Donne was correct when he wrote, "No man is an island, entire of itself," then how should we relate to each other?




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