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April 2007


Editorial: The Word, hope, prayer--your ultimate resources

The work of pastors is complex. They are expected to preach, teach, evangelize, lead, visit, train, etc. Thus, they have a multitude of responsibilities. And unlike ministers (administrators, specialists, professors, etc.) who visit various congregations, pastors live with their congregations. Once the visiting minister leaves, the congregational pastor stays with the church. The responsibilities can be overwhelming- goals, budget issues, training, conflicts, expectations, family, and so forth.


Pastor's Pastor: Fasting

Here we go again," I thought as Pastor Reuben Roundtree Jr. announced that his congregation, for whom I was conducting a short evangelistic series, would experience a week of fasting.


A friend by my side

The author reminds us that God will always be with us.


God's voice through our circumstances

How do you know when God is speaking to you? How do pastors help their church members recognize God's voice?


A high and sacred calling: a look at the origins of Seventh-day Adventist ministerial training

Where have we come from, as it relates to preparing ministers to preach the Gospel? Where are we going?


In defense of ritual

Three reasons why rituals should be a part of church traditions and practices.


The cosmological anthropic principle: apologists and homilists beware!

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, there is much that motivates science to revise the design metaphor. Does the scientific principle discussed in this article help or hinder these efforts?


Discipline in children's ministry settings

Communicating love to children through words and action, as God has done to us, will go a long way in creating an environment for children to grow in Christ.


The Babylonian temptation: making a name for ourselves

Church leaders must constantly examine their motives as they fulfill the church's mission.


General practice pastors: the foundation of ministry

There always will be the solo pastor to conduct the bulk of the church's business. Such pastors must be competent in several areas of church ministry.




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