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July 2007


Editorial: Planted between the past and the future

Unfortunately the cross has been used for purposes other than to announce Jesus' triumph over evil powers. Some centuries after the New Testament era, the cross was used by armies, with the hope that their political mission would be blessed by its presence. No longer was it a symbol of conquering evil; rather, it was used with the hope that its presence would conquer human enemies.


Spirituality: what the church needs most today

Spirituality focuses not so much on public success as on private and inner development.


How to deal with open questions: facing the challenges between faith and science

The author shares nine guidelines to assist in striking a balance in understanding the relationship between faith and science.


The anatomy of worship

A call to make time for God before making time for ministry.


Idolatry: It begins with I

Idolatry is a temptation for pastors-even when we are engaged in ministry to and for the people for whom we are called to serve.


Surprise in biblical typology - Part one of two

The key to correctly interpreting New Testament writings has always been in understanding the Old Testament symbols and references.


Preaching to the world: how Web church can extend the impact of your preaching ministry

Is streaming video a reason to stay home, watch church services, and avoid the crowds? Or does it actually have benefits?


Jesus Christ in the Apostle Paul's Epistles

What contributed to the development of Paul's Christology?




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