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September 2007


Editorial: What gives you hope and enthusiasm?

Whatever your role-pastor, chaplain, church administrator, evangelist, or teacher-ministry always has challenges, real and, at times, overwhelming. But such challenges are accompanied with their own rhythm of hope and enthusiasm.


Interview: An interview with the General Conference Youth Department

To celebrate one hundred years of ministry to youth, the youth leadership of the General Conference refl ects upon what has been done and what remains to be accomplished.


Therapeutic preaching

A sermon should provide a healing balm, especially when parishioners are facing tough times.


Reaching the postmodern mind

What is postmodernism? Is it an open critique of modernism, a development of the "new worldview" all together, or something else?


Rediscovering the heart of God on a hospital gurney

I felt very much alone. The devil was having a heyday reminding me of all that can go wrong. Then God came.


Surprises in biblical typology - Part two of two

Paul's epistles are to be understood against the background of the religious situation and moral needs of each particular audience. This counts especially for his letters to the Galatians and Corinthians.


Idolatry makes sense; it just doesn't work

Maybe it's time to try something that doesn't make near as much sense, at least not to the world around us.




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