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October 2007


Editorial: Africa

The first book that my parents bought me was an adventure story; the story of a young boy-a little older than I was-traveling from Germany to Africa.1 As I read the narrative, I imagined that I was on the way to Africa. After all, we lived in Hamburg, Germany, a major seaport. Each day I took the subway called U-Bahn to my school, and I envisioned that on that day I would not go to school, but I would get on one of the ships leaving the harbor. Africa-it sounded mysterious, inviting, and a place of adventure. In my mind I made that journey, but in actuality I did not make it to Africa until four decades later.


Interview: A ministry of compassion to the HIV/AIDS community

Ministry interviews a physician who, along with his wife, has been on the front line in the battle against the AIDS epidemic.


Interview: Joys of service challenges of growth: a review of the Adventist Church in Africa

Church leaders and academicians from Africa ponder the present and future of ministry on their continent.


The challenge to "growing in Christ" in Africa

Do African Adventists have a problem with African traditional beliefs and practices? Is African traditional religion an obstacle to socialization of members into Adventist beliefs?


Africa: a land at the crossroads

A look at the challenges of daily living throughout the African continent, and the humanitarian efforts that the Adventist Church undertakes to alleviate suffering.


Plagiarism: Alternate explanations?

Is it possible to duplicate the words of another without it being plagiarism?


God of the Africans: ministering to adherents of African traditional religion

Five basic beliefs make up the African traditional religion. What are they? How does one successfully minister to its adherents?


The African worldview: a serious challenge to Christian discipleship

What are some of the cultural issues that African Adventists face in their quest for spiritual growth?




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