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November 2007


Editorial: Colliding spheres of church and state

The relationship between church and state has always been a complicated issue. In order to attain their goals, governments have, at times, turned to the church for assistance. On other occasions, the church has readily used the state for its purposes. But what happens when the goals of the state and the church are not compatible?


Leadership principles from Proverbs

Solomon gives wise counsel to those who wish to guide others who are within their circles of influence.


The pastor and power

The author discusses five kinds of power. How should a church leader relate to the phenomenon of power?


God and nature: a biblical approach to origins

Could chance indicate a sufficient causal explanation for the origin of the universe and life?


Letters to the seven churches: historical or prophetic?

Does the historicist interpretation that the seven churches of Revelation represent the entire sweep of church history over seven historic periods really make sense?


Churches and political endorsements

Before your church gets involved in politics, you'll want to read this article.


A Politics-free zone

Is it possible that we as religious leaders are being seduced by the idea that the state can do for us what we should be doing for ourselves?




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