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December 2007


Editorial: It's red, it's tasty, and it makes you smile

Millions of people-many in your area-have numerous needs. Because of war, disaster, and other crises, people experience great needs-shelter, food, clothing, health care, and lots of other necessities. What are we doing for those in need?


Interview: Serving His servants

The editor of Ministry interviews Skip Bell and Mike Ryan, two men on a mission to produce servant leaders in the church.


Was Ellen White a plagiarist?

The final installment of a series that addresses issues of revelation, inspiration, and plagiarism.


"But where is the Lamb?": an ancient question for modern pulpits

A pertinent question that should be answered in every sermon the preacher delivers.


Called to be a church administrator

"I remember the time when I became aware that my calling was to church administration. In that moment I realized at the core of my being that I was where God wanted me to be."


The Church in the face of a crisis

Patients with HIV/AIDS are stigmatized. Does the church contribute to, or work to defeat, this stigma?


Ministering in the wake of disaster

It's not a matter whether disaster will strike, but when. What resources are at the pastor's disposal to assist in meeting such a crisis in the community?




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