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January 2008


Interview: Reaching the world one person at a time: An interview with the leaders of Adventist World Radio

In a world in which millions do not have televisions, radio continues to be an indispensable method of sharing the love of God with others.


The position of suspense

A crucial question: Are we truly looking forward to Jesus' return?


The best pastor I know

In a society that lauds the large-church pastor, you will read a tribute to small-church pastors who fulfill their duties with equal fidelity.


Preaching across languages and cultures: Some cautions and suggestions

Preaching outside of one's own cultural and linguistic comfort zone poses potential challenges. Here are some solid principles, from a writer who has preached throughout the world, that address these challenges.


Whatever happened to the "matchless charms of Christ"?

Preaching Christ in all of His beauty is still the best way to make Jesus attractive to those who hear your sermons.


Legalism and "righteousness by faith" - Part 1

"Righteousness by faith" is foundational to the biblical concept of salvation. In Romans 3:21-26, Paul states that God reveals His righteous and just character not only through His law, but also when He extends mercy by justifying and forgiving those who have broken the law, if they accept His righteousness through faith that is of and in Christ and receive His atoning sacrifice.




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