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February 2008


Editorial: Calling all men!

In countless numbers of churches, wives attend without their husbands and children attend without their fathers.


Interview: Being good stewards of the church's assets: Ministry editors dialogue with the directors of Adventist Risk Management

You might not think that an agency associated with insuring church properties is involved in sharing the gospel. But it is.


The joy of redeeming grace

Life without deliverance could be awful, meaningless, and directionless. But the beauty of the gospel is that we are not left in the wasteland of guilt; it bids us to enter the oasis of God's grace.


Lessons I've learned from mistakes I've made

Learning the art of pastoral ministry becomes a matter of trial and error. Here are some suggestions from a pastor who has grown as a result of his experiences.


At Jesus' feet

Mary of Bethany's life reveals an experience that must take place before effective witnessing happens.


Hospitality and not patronage: Lessons in relationships from 3 John

A unique look at John's letter to Gaius that sheds light on creating a positive environment where believers can feel respected, needed, and loved.


Jesus is my Savior, my Lord, and my God, and I want to talk to you about Him

How did a drive through the north Texas desert give a church leader a new perspective of the life and death of Christ?


The missing men

In many of our churches the number of women in attendance far outpaces that of men. How can we increase the male attendance in our churches?




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