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October 2008


Editorial: Learning from each other

We've devoted this issue to the work of the church in Inter-America and South America. These two organizational units represent some 45 countries that start south of the United States and go as far south as Chile.


Interview: An interview with George Brown

A former division president shares valuable insights about leadership.


Interview: Interview with leaders from Inter and South America

The Seventh-day Adventist Church, in order to care for its worldwide mission, has 13 world administrative regions. Two of these regions, known as the Inter-American Division and South American Division, are among the fastest growing areas in the world. The editors interviewed the leaders from these divisions, Israel Leito and Erton Köhler, respectively, and spoke about a wide range of issues.


An interview with Alejandro Bullón

A well-known evangelist talks about ministry in South America.


Building a growing church: The South American experience

How has membership grown in South America? What lessons can others learn from them?


Small groups in the Adventist Church in South America

See how the power of small groups resulted in rapid church growth.


Murder or deserved death? Ministry under fire

What is the message in the story of Nadab and Abihu for today's pastors?




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