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December 2008


Editorial: Twelve Questions for December

Just as my daily list guides my daily activities, I find it helpful to make another list of important items. That list contains my study plans, reading goals, and relationships with individuals important in my life. This list also changes-items are added or deleted. December may be a good time of the year to review such a list. If you make a list, what would you include on it? How long would it be?


Interview: 2009: The year of evangelism

Two pastors share their hopes for this evangelistic initiative.


Seven years in Karlsruhe: Memories of a church planter

Birthing a new church is challenging. But watching God perform miracles is exciting.


Eight strategies to survive problematic parishoners

Every pastor has them. What can you do about them?


The Communion service and the issue of unworthiness

Partaking of the Communion service can be an intense and emotional experience. But what do we say by our nonparticipation in the Communion service?


Sequence preaching: How to design and prepare and effective sermon series

Sequence preaching: How to design and prepare an effective sermon series


Why do You permit this, oh Lord? The problem of evil and pastoral practice

It is one of the oldest questions humans have asked, and one of the hardest answers to understand.


Diamond Leaders: when circumstances, character and commitment combine

The closest I have ever been to real diamonds was during my days as a graduate student in France. No, my parents were not rich. They did not shower me with expensive jewelry. On the contrary, to support my studies, I worked as a security guard in nearby Geneva, Switzerland, where I would spend the night patrolling various businesses that included world-famous banks, watch factories, and well-known jewelry shops. I always knew that "diamonds are forever," and have known from the start that my wife will probably never own one. Thus, I accepted the fact that "diamonds are forever" out of my reach.




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