Orientation in a disoriented world

Oslo, Norway—After weeks of planning and preparations by young Adventist students, the third Oslo Student Conference (OSC) was held October 2–5, 2008. The intent of the conference was to present students with alternative views to the secular intellectualism prominent in many academic circles.

The theme of the conference was “Life—Orientation in a Disoriented World.” Topics covered included “The Meaning of Life,” “Lifestyle and Health,” and “Evolution Versus Intelligent Design.” The purpose of the OSC is to communicate an Adventist worldview and to make it more visible among academics; and to support Adventist students in a particularly challenging period of their lives.

During the weekend, the conference continued in the Ulsrud Adventist Church, where young Adventists and others spent time attending lectures, participating in workshops, and worshiping God together.

Kenneth Bergland, the pastor in Oslo behind the OSC concept, explains that his burden for student work has its background in his own experience.

“Being a student, I was about to lose my faith. I did not feel I got the answers I needed in church, and I was on my way out [of the church].” His direction changed by meeting people who took his questions and concerns seriously.

“My motivation is to help people in the same situation—as I myself was helped, and to be a support to people in a period when many difficult questions might appear.” For more information and downloading of the seminars: http://www.oslostudentconference.no.

[Camilla Kverndalen/TED News Staff/ TED News]

Sabbath consultation at an academic society

Boston, Massachusetts, United States—What is believed to be the first ever Sabbath consultation was held during the meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, November 21–25, 2008. At the annual gathering of the society, mor e than 5,000 biblical and related scholars came from various parts of the world. The Sabbath consultation was initiated by Dr. Tom Shepherd of Andrews University and Dr. Michael Chernick of Hebrew Union College.

The presenters were Gerald A. Klingbeil and Mathilde Frey (both of the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies), Ross E. Winkle (Pacific Union College), Jiri Moskala (Andrews University), Jeffrey Stackert (University of Chicago), and Nikolaus Satelmajer (Ministry Magazine).

Most of the presentations were on textual topics, while one was on the historical aspect of the Sabbath. The plan is that this consultation will continue for at least another two years.

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