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February 2009


Editorial: Sound Theology Builds Healthy Churches

A church can appear to be successful without sound theology, but according to Scriptures, a truly healthy church must have a sound theology.


Improving the nominating committee process: Broadening our vision of volunteer support in the church

Filling volunteer positions of responsibility can be a challenging task. Here are some suggestions that can make that task more manageable.

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Reading about the Trinity: A List for Additional Research

Resources for the Bible student who wishes to gain a better understanding about the Trinity.

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The Trinitarian Basis of Christian Community

A trinitarian understanding of God has important implications for the entire range of beliefs, but its connection to the doctrine of the church is particularly significant.

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A Trinitarian View of the Cross

The Cross represents one of the primary modes of revelation concerning the triune God.

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The Trinity in Seventh-day Adventist History

The last decade has seen increased antitrinitarian activity within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Four reasons for this activity should be mentioned.

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Book Review: Seeking a Sanctuary: Seventh-day Adventism and the American Dream, 2nd ed.

Seeking a Sanctuary will challenge Adventist ministers to better understand how those outside of our religious community view our denomination and thereby become more sensitive to our public persona.


Dateline: Dateline: Seven ways to make your week great

The Kennington Community Fellowship (KCF)




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