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Editorial: Secular evangelists

Ministers of the gospel can learn from the spirited-almost evangelistic-defense of evolution by secularists.


The big positive purpose

Understanding your congregation is critical in sermon preparation.

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The pastor as proactive leader

Pastors often find themselves in the unenviable position of being pulled in one direction by their calling and professional training and in another by traditional expectations of the congregation. What should they do?

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The challenge of change

The past century has brought an accelerating rush of change within society that has impacted the church as well.

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Management by surrender

Could it be that God welcomes weakness and failure in leaders, choosing to use us to our full potential only when we acknowledge our shortcomings?

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Holiness and ministry

If human holiness does not result in salvation, why emphasize it?

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Simply creative: Ways to involve children in your worship services

A specialist in children's ministry discusses why our churches must be intentional in utilizing children in the life of the church.

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The power of God's kingdom and ministry

In his book The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity, Philip Jenkins, a distinguished professor of history at Penn State, notes that the most significant changes in the world during the last portion of the twentieth century were not secular trends like fascism, communism, feminism, or environmentalism. According to Jenkins, "it is precisely religious changes that are the most significant, and even the most revolutionary, in the contemporary world. . . . We are currently living through one of the transforming movements in the history of religion worldwide." According to Jenkins, the church is exploding at unprecedented rates in the so-called Third World.

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Dateline: Dateline

Hope Channel, Writer's Workshop, Festivals of Religious Freedom, Ministry Staff Update


  The Church of the Perfect Storm

This book features a collection of essays on the elements that contribute to a culture storm today and how the church can navigate her way into the future.




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