God our Creator

God our Creator: What a comforting thought!

I'm inviting you to plan for a special worship service on October 24, 2009. The theme? Worshiping God as our Creator.

Nikolaus Satelmajer is the Editor of Ministry.

Every worship service should be an uplifting experience, but I am inviting you to plan for a particular Sabbath worship that both you and your members will remember for a long time. This worship service will bring extraordinary blessings and help people focus on the purpose of worship. They will talk about this special experience on the way home from church.

October 24, 2009— Creation Sabbath

I’m inviting you to plan for a special worship service on October 24, 2009. The theme? Worshiping God as our Creator.

We recognize that this exact date to hold a Creation Sabbath celebration may not work for many of our readers. Thousands of clergy who read Ministry will not have a worship service on Saturday, October 24, 2009. Because our readership is one of the most diverse groups of clergy in the world, we suggest that you choose a date that will work for you.

Why plan a special service for Creation Sabbath? Because the Bible very clearly records that God proclaims Himself as our Creator, our Lord, and our Savior. Why not, in our worship services, focus on the theme that God is our Creator and what this means for us in our daily lives? If God is my Creator, how will my life be different when I go to work, school, or when I’m home with my family? What does God as my Creator mean when I face a crisis? Does God being my Creator change the way I respond to people or how I look at people’s needs? Do I see all human beings as the handiwork of God, each one unique and special?

You will need to plan. We can help.

Each congregational leadership group needs to plan their own worship service. No one else can really prepare the best worship service for your congregation. We, at Ministry, are not printing material and sending it to our readers worldwide. Instead, we are providing what we hope will be helpful information on a Web site that we are launching July 1, 2009. Visit www.CreationSabbath.net and you will find material that will help you and your congregation plan for your worship service. (Should you not have access to this Web site, please contact us.)

What will you find on this Web site?

Scripture passages. A scientist shared with me a list of scripture passages he found that focus on God as our Creator. I believe you will find these texts to be rich resources in planning for your worship service. You may even find it difficult to choose which ones to use in your worship service because there are so many to choose from.

Music and reading suggestions. We will post suggested hymns and reading materials that you may wish to use in your worship service. You’ll find a rich collection of hymns focusing on God as our Creator.

Sermon suggestions. Several of our readers have shared suggested sermon outlines with us that you may want to preview as you plan your worship service. We know that many pastors around the world have several congregations, so it may be a lay person presenting the sermon that particular day. You may want to share the material with that individual or use it as part of your study.

Links. Several of our sister publications and organizations will also provide material on this theme. We will share their links with you and any material that they make available to us. Our ultimate purpose is to assist you in your planning for this worship experience.

It’s up to you

What will happen in your church on Creation Sabbath is up to you. We can provide material; but you and your congregation are the only ones who can decide if, on that day, you will focus on God as our Creator. Our readers represent several hundred thousand congregations around the world, and I wish it were possible for our Ministry team to somehow participate in those worship services, but that’s not possible. What is possible? We will join you in prayer as you plan for this special day.

“God our Creator.” What a comforting thought in our world of uncertainty.

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Nikolaus Satelmajer is the Editor of Ministry.

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