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August 2009


Editorial: Running on empty

As a car can still look good, although the fuel tank is empty, so also can we as ministers still look good to others when our souls are empty. But we are spiritually ineffective.


Avoiding the preaching temptation of egotism

How do you make certain that the center of the message is Jesus Christ and not you?

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The Word on Campus: A Guide to Public College Ministry

For anyone interested in ministry on any secular college or university campus, The Word on Campus is essential reading.

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The art of listening

When we listen to those who speak to us, what do we communicate to them? What do we communicate to them when we don't?

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Keeping the Sabbath intensely holy

Though we may try to come up with our rules for appropriate Sabbath observance, the Bible itself doesn't give us many.

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Preaching as community building

Two pastors share their ideas about interacting with their congregations through the sermon.

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Faith community nursing in congregations

How does the church demonstrate God's plan for redemption and reconciliation and adopt a godly perspective for the complete restoration of the believers?

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New to the ministry- with four churches

Lessons in ministry from a layperson turned pastor.

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Doing evangelism when no one seems to care

How? The answer may be simpler and easier than we think.

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Making space for God: Contemplation as praxis

Oftentimes pastors become so busy and enthralled in keeping their church or churches functional they seldom have or take time to commune with the Lord of the church. To spend time contemplating the Divine when things more measurable need to be done and should be done may seem inappropriate or an anachronism. In the light of the pastor's busyness, they view contemplation of God as an extravagance that can be postponed for a more convenient season.

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Book Review: Ellen White on Leadership: Guidance for Those Who Influence Others

In the complex leadership environment in which we find ourselves in the twenty-first century, does Ellen White, a visionary from the nineteenth century, still have wisdom to lend the leaders of today?


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